Big Spring Park Revitalization


Big Spring Park is located on Park Street in Versailles, directly across the street from the Head Start building.

Did you know that “Big Spring” was the original name of the settlement that later became Versailles in 1792? The area known as “Big Spring Park” has served the Versailles community as a gathering place for play, fitness, reunions, birthday parties and more for nearly 80 years!

Big Spring Park has served our community well, but it is due for a facelift! This is where YOU come in! The Parks & Recreation Department has begun long-range planning for all park facilities and Big Spring Park is at the top of the list and we want you to be part of the planning process!  What would you like to see in the NEW and IMPROVED Big Spring Park?

The Parks & Recreation Board has hired Myers Architecture and wee landscape architecture to work with our community to create a new master plan for the revitalization of the park. Stay informed of upcoming meetings & provide feedback to the Long-Range Planning Committee via our Big Spring Park Revitalization Facebook Group or stop by the Parks & Recreation offices located at Falling Springs Center.

The first meeting of the Long-Range Planning & Advisory Committee will be at 6:30 PM on February 24 at the Head Start Building (200 Park Street).

This meeting is open to the public to observe, however time will not be allotted for public comments. This is an intro meeting with the architects and committee members.

Future meetings will be offered for public comments.

Final design for front of Big Spring Park Revitalization

Final design for front of Big Spring Park- Approved and accepted. 2023

Conceptual Design for Big Spring Park Revitalization-2023