Parents’ Night Out


Is it Parents’ Night Out or Kids’ Night Out??  That depends on who you ask, but regardless, your 5-11 year old won’t want to miss an evening of fun at Falling Springs Center (and parents, we bet you can find some way to enjoy an evening to yourself!).

Parents’ Night Out (PNO) is offered monthly during the school year from September through April (no PNO in December). 

Upcoming Dates:
     – February 22
     – March 22
     – April 26

     –  Ages 5-11
     –  6:00-10:30 PM
     –  $15/person
     –  Includes pizza, snack, swim time, organized & free play in the gym & a movie
     –  Participants should bring a swimsuit, towel and gym shoes!

Have questions?  Contact Recreation Program Manager, Aaron Stover at 859.873.5948 x 4815.