Taekwondo for Kids


Martial arts is more than just kicks and punches.  It’s about the life long values students acquire and apply while they have FUN. The art of Taekwondo is designed to enhance students’ SELF-CONFIDENCE, FOCUS, and PERSEVERANCE for them to achieve personal success in homes, classrooms, and beyond.

Parks & Recreation’s Taekwondo program is led by Instructor Clark Longhofer, who is recognized as one of the best and most dedicated instructors from ‘Martial Arts USA’ located in Lexington. He graduated Black Belt Class of ’14 from Martial Arts USA along with his wife and two kids. He is not only a fantastic father figure but also a caring instructor who impacts each and every student’s progress.

Working closely with Parks & Recreation since 2005, Martial Arts USA has a simple mission statement: to honor yourself. Grand Master Jeon, the founder, emphasizes his five codes of Respect-Discipline-Perseverance-Humility-Loyalty and the belt rank system to symbolize goal-setting and goal-achieving habits. A remarkable number of students from Falling Springs achieve their black belts at Martial Arts USA every year.

Please note that Parks & Recreation offers classes for ages 5 through 13, from white belt through orange belt. Students who would like continue their Taekwondo program are encouraged to resume classes at Martial Arts USA, located near Fayette Mall in Lexington.

For more information on Martial Arts USA, please visit their website or call (859) 224-0060. Classes are offered at Falling Springs Center once a week for 6 weeks on the days listed in the table on this page. A uniform is required for new students ($50, payable to Martial Arts USA the first day of class). Register soon, space is limited! Contact Rainey with questions. 


Session 1:  Sept 7 – Oct 23 (No class 10/5 or 10/9)       DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 1
Session 2:  Nov 2 – Dec 18 (No class 11/23 or 11/27)   DEADLINE: OCTOBER 27
Session 3:  Jan 18 – Feb 26                                                DEADLINE: JANUARY 12
Session 4:  Mar 8 – Apr 23
(No class 3/29 or 4/2)
         DEADLINE: MARCH 2
Session 5:  Apr 30 – Jun 11
(No class 5/28)                     DEADLINE: APRIL 25