Twinkle Toes Dance


Parks & Recreation offers two sessions of dance classes each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  Classes offered include Creative Dance (ages 3-4), Ballet (ages 5-6) and Jazz/Hip Hop Mash-up classes (ages 7-9). Classes meet one time per week for 8 weeks and are followed by a dress rehearsal & a recital to be held in the theater at Falling Springs Center.

Seasonal schedules are typically available in August for the the fall session and December for the Spring session. Please check back seasonally for registration details, class schedules and fees.  

If you have any questions regarding the Twinkle Toes Dance program, please contact Aaron at 859.873.5948 or by email.

Registration is now open for fall Twinkle Toes Dance classes!  Wednesday classes will be instructed by Miss Hannah Hash and Thursday classes will be instructed by Miss Peyton Whitaker!

Miss Hannah is a senior at Woodford County High School and has been dancing recreationally & competitively at Jane’s School of Dance for 14 years and has taught and choreographed youth classes both independently and collaboratively. She says that dance has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember and she hopes to help kids in our community gain a love for it as well!

Miss Peyton is a student at Woodford County High School. She’s been dancing for 14 years, competing for 8, and has experience in nearly every style of dance. She has also assisted with the youth classes and is looking forward to the opportunity to share her love of dance with your child! This will be her first season teaching dance at Parks & Recreation.




The Twinkle Toes Dance program is designed to introduce youth to dance in a fun, relaxed setting so kids give it a try and decide if it’s something they like. The program is formatted to include one class per week (45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the age group) for 8 weeks. Instruction is followed by a rehearsal and a recital in the theater at Falling Springs Center. 


While each instructor has their own set of class rules that they will share the first day of class, below is some general information that all apply to all classes.

  • No gum, candy, or food is allowed in class. Water bottles are okay.
  • Children should use the restroom before class starts. Instructors will allow kids to to go the restroom during class if they ask, but if it becomes a habit your instructor will discuss this with the parent.  If your child has a condition that requires them to use the restroom more frequently, please be sure to discuss this with your instructor.
  • Participants with long hair should have it pulled back out of their face.


  • Creative Dance & Ballet – Most students will wear a black or pink leotard.  Some will wear tights and/or a tutu, but neither are required. Form fitting clothing is preferred so the dancers can move more freely. No jeans please!  Ballet shoes are required.  You can find them at Dance Biz and as well as Walmart, Payless Shoe Store, Target or other department stores.
  • Jazz/Hip Hop Mash-up – Please have your child wear loose fitting clothes that he or she can move freely. No tight jeans please.  Tennis shoes are appropriate


  • Costume costs are not included in the registration fee. Instructors will let parents know what the costume will be early on in the program and where you can find them. We ask the instructors to keep costume costs to a minimum – usually no more than $20-$30.  Oftentimes participants will only need to purchase accessories or will already have everything they need at home (for example if the class is dancing to “Singing in the Rain” they may wear a raincoat and carry and umbrella or if the music is “If I Only Had a Brain” they may wear jeans or overalls and flannel shirts.  We try and keep this fun, simple and affordable!


  • Pictures and Dress Rehearsal: Monday, December 18
  • Recital:  Tuesday, December 19
  • Times: TBA


Class                                                      Age         Day         Begins             Time                  Cost       Instructor     Deadline

Creative Dance G1                              3-4          Wed          Oct 18            4:15-5:00             $75         H. Hash           Oct 12

Ballet 1                                                 5-6          Wed          Oct 18            5:00-5:45             $75         H. Hash           Oct 12

Ballet 2                                                 5-6          Wed          Oct 18            5:45-6:30             $75         H. Hash           Oct 12

Jazz/Hip Hop Mash-up 1                   7-9          Wed          Oct 18            6:30-7:30             $85         H. Hash           Oct 12



Class                                                      Age         Day         Begins           Time                  Cost       Instructor     Deadline

Creative Dance 2                                 3-4          Thu           Oct 19            4:15-5:00            $75         P. Whitaker     Oct 12

Creative Dance 3                                 3-4          Thu          Oct 19           5:00-5:45            $75         P. Whitaker     Oct 12

Ballet 3                                                 5-6          Thu          Oct 19            5:45-6:30            $75         P. Whitaker     Oct 12

Jazz/Hip Hop Mash-up 2                  7-9          Thu          Oct 19            6:30-7:30            $85         P. Whitaker     Oct 12